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We’re always searching for more good-natured, inquisitive, and legitimately talented folks to join our team.

What's it like working at Tandem?

Work Environment

Many people on our team have had jobs where our work or input hasn’t been appreciated. We’re nothing without our team, so it’s important to be aware and acknowledge one another’s hard work.

Tandem's Ethos

Our Project Management team looks to acquire as many positive-impact projects as possible. We’re talking projects that make a difference across the environmental, medical, and agricultural sectors. Helping the world become a better place and making money; what else could be better?

Team Personality

We’ve got a variety of personalities on the team. Really, we’re laid back and passionate about what we enjoy. Hiking, plants, gaming, the usual suspects. Needless to say, we're all tech literate.

We encourage our team to share and listen to one another's technical struggles. Not only does that give the team a realistic outlook on projects (timelines, challenges, etc.), but it ensures that no one is left alone with the burden of a difficult task.

The Perks

Our company is growing quickly, we’re looking to expand our offerings

Project Variety

Fair Pay

Remote Work

Technology Allowance

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