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Your ally in project development. Come to get the job done, stay because you enjoy working with us.

Who is Tandem?

We’re a close-knit team, working remotely out of Victoria, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Hello! We're Tandem - A Consulting, Software Development, and Design company that started somewhere between 2018 and 2021. (Our lawyers know when we officially became Tandem.)

Tandem was founded on the desire to make products that matter. Building effective solutions that are significant to our clients, our team, and (hopefully) the world at large. We work to be the antithesis of unnecessary overhead and inefficiency.

Our talented crew works in Tandem to get the job done right.

Our Values

Clear, stable, independent, and pragmatic. That’s who we are in this big, wide, world.

Big Picture: Client goals come first

Before we type a line of code, start wireframing, or make any decisions, we work with you to determine the exact solutions that will solve your problems.

Communication: Commitment to stability

A stable working environment is the key to happiness, for both our clients and ourselves. We work to establish a clear, cooperative, and reliable relationship.

B2B Relationships: We find meaning in the long-term

As businesses grow, their product needs change. Regularly working with the same clients allows Tandem to thoughtfully build upon our previous work, and identify opportunities.

Client Freedom: Doing work the “right way”

We make systems that can be easily built upon into the future by any development shop. We want to make sure our client's satisfaction is what keeps them working with us.

Motivation: We build what we believe in

We work on projects that interest us. Executing solutions that improve our client’s businesses, while building on the strengths of Tandem.

Pragmatic: We turn ideas into reality

Some people are great at devising ideas. We’re great at turning ideas into tangible products. We’re pragmatic but never negative, instead responding to challenges by being flexible.

Meet the team

Tandem's founders, the people with the plan

James Ritchie

Managing Director

James is in charge of managing Tandem’s strategic direction and system design processes. He looks after Tandem’s projects and clients. James is always inspired to learn something new and discover improvements for our systems.

After earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Systems from the University of Alberta, James has spent the last decade performing Business Analysis and managing Development teams.

When it comes to work, James is especially passionate about three things; bringing experts from multiple fields together, building novel solutions to complex problems, and making the world a better place.

James spends as much time outside as he can, hiking, backpacking, and camping. In the winter, you’ll find him playing Super Nintendo.

Paul Boici

Partnerships Director

Paul is our Partnerships Director at Tandem. He works to make high quality design accessible to a wider range of businesses. Bringing a creative perspective and problem-solving attitude, Paul raises the bar for B2B communications and products.

Paul has a wide-range of skills, honed and developed at some of the West Coast’s most fundamental institutions. After graduating from Capilano University’s IDEA Program, Paul has worked as a Creative Lead at TEDx Stanley Park and Digital Designer at SAXX.

On his time away from Tandem, you can find Paul tinkering with smaller projects in the Esports industry, as well as learning new ways to express himself with 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

Simon Yewchuk

Technical Director

Simon leads the Development team at Tandem. He oversees numerous projects, discovering new talent, and researching useful technology in order to improve our development operations.

Simon has over 13 years of experience building software, bringing immense care and attention to detail to every project. He believes that creating software, with internal consistency, can be akin to an artist producing a work of art.

In his free time he likes watching shows like Star Trek and playing board games.

Our developers

These are the people who make our world go round

Nestor Prado

Senior Developer

Wes Burwash

Senior Developer

Chris Garon

Senior Developer

Jon Warrington

Senior Developer

Jun Sahagun

Senior Developer

Xining Chen

Junior Developer

Our production team

The people who help us know our front-end from our back-end

Jordan Guglich

Account Manager

Pip Knott

Senior Designer

Alida Horsley

UX Researcher

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People are saying nice things about us

We value the opportunity to work in tandem with great people and businesses.

We respect our clients' care and ambition, ensuring diligent delivery of our work in a clear, stable, and pragmatic manner.

Having tried two other development studios before finding Tandem, our team's only regret is not discovering them sooner.

Dr. Mike Kennedy

President, Buildsense

They're more than just expert programmers, they worked with us to understand our needs and guided us through developing the solution.

Amy Taylor

CEO, Green Analytics

Tandem's guidance and the caliber of their team's deliverables are definitely best-in-class.

Ryan Malloy

Managing Director, Liquid Software

They handled all of the technical complexity so we could focus on growing the business and revenue. A fantastic team!

John Barber

President, Apps Canada

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