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Project Consultation, Software Development, Website & Mobile App Design, and Business Materials. You could say we offer a broad range of skills.

Project Consultation

When you need to find a clear path towards getting your product developed.

Can you envision your end-product, but aren't sure how you're going to get it built?

Are you working with developers who can code, but can't communicate? Effective development recommendations make the difference when keeping a project on time and on budget.

In cases like these, we recommend working through your development uncertainties via Requirement Gathering and Project Scoping discussions. Once our team has gained a complete understanding, we can work together to create your project roadmap, ensuring we can meet your business goals, timeline, and budget.

Our goal is to help expand your vision, while challenging any unknowns that are blocking you from getting your project completed.

Requirements Gathering

We work with you to identify the functional and business objectives of your project.

Project Scope

We generate a practical project roadmap, outlining all aspects of your project while addressing your business needs.

Market Research

We gather key information about your industry and target market, focusing on competitive analysis and context gathering.

User Experience Research (UXR)

We design your product with your target audience in mind. Your users will be empowered to perform their tasks efficiently and enjoyably.

Business Process Engineering

We assess your business processes, providing you long-term performance goals and process improvement recommendations.

Website & Mobile App Design

When you want to make a great impression and clearly express your value to prospective stakeholders.

Is your product making a good first-impression with your users? It’s stressful when a user struggles to engage with a product. Our Design professionals will know how to help.

Does your product not look anything like the initial designs? It can be disappointing when a product fails to look as professional as you had hoped.

We understand the importance of fostering a positive first impression, before users interact with your product. We wireframe all of your product's screens before development, ensuring your users get a seamless experience across all devices.


We mock up your website or app so you'll be able to see how it will look and function.

Design Audit

We study your website or application, finding interface, copy, and functionality optimizations.

User Interface Design (UI)

We make sure users can effortlessly navigate through your website or application.


We lay out all of your software’s functionality and screens, ensuring the final product meets your business and user needs.

User Stories

We find optimizations by auditing your product’s functionality from the perspective of your target audience.

User Experience Design (UX)

Our experts design your product with your target audience in mind. Users are empowered to perform their tasks efficiently and enjoyably.

Custom Software Development

When you need software built to your specifications, on-time, and on a fixed budget.

Does your existing software not meet your expectations? It’s difficult to move forward when your system isn’t addressing the core issue it was meant to solve.

Are you in need of development guidance? The development experience can be painful when no-one is steering the technical side of the project.

In situations like this, the first thing we do is to check that the product we’re building will solve your core business problem. We consult with you in order to save everyone time.

Once we have a clear roadmap, our modular approach ensures that your software will always be scalable and easily added upon as your company grows.

Additionally, our perceptive Quality Assurance team consistently writes automated tests, checking for bugs at every stage of development.

Mobile App Development

We develop software for Apple and Android devices. Your users will be able to easily access your product any time, anywhere.

Implementation & DevOps

We ensure your new software or update integrates seamlessly into your business' workflow.

Bug Warranty

We will fix any bugs, for the lifetime of your system.

Project Management

We lead you through every step of the development process, from scoping to hosting.

System Architecture

We clearly define the functionality of your software. Our team will understand your product inside-and-out far before development, guaranteeing a scalable system,

Front-End Development

We make software that is functional, beautiful, and intuitive to users.

Back-End Development

We write custom code and modules that function in tandem with new or legacy servers, databases, and integrations.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We consistently check that your software is fulfilling product requirements. Our usability experts find bugs before they become an issue.


We provide reliable storage and access to your systems, with minimal downtime.

Systems Integration

We merge new updates swiftly into your system. Your product will function seamlessly, with both new or legacy systems.


We update or modify your software in order to keep up with changing needs.

Quickbooks Integration

We can integrate critical bookkeeping services into your software, saving you time and money.

Business Materials

When you want to make a great impression. Clearly express your brand and value to prospective stakeholders.

Are you differentiating yourself from the competition? Running a business is demanding. Along with all the other moving parts that make a business successful, businesses are expected to have highly compelling and memorable communication with both their clients and users.

Are you finding it difficult to work with Design freelancers? Sometimes you need materials fast, or even just on-time. It can be difficult to get consistent deliveries.

We alleviate your challenges by being responsive. We’re happy to work back-and-forth with you, even handling the inevitable rush-jobs. We provide drafts early, ensuring that we’re going in the right direction.

Our designers are entrepreneurs, who understand how to make compelling materials for any specific business needs.

Branding and Identity

We help you clearly define your identity so your business and products stand above the crowd.

Presentation & Investor Materials

We create presentations that tell the story of your business. Depicting your value and potential is critical to clients and investors.

Motion Design & Animation

We help you clearly explain your concepts and ideas, through stunning graphics and meaningful animation.

Style Guides

We create a set of cohesive standards, helping your team effectively communicate with customers through digital and print materials.

Marketing Campaigns

We develop compelling social media, email, or print campaigns. Communicate your product, value, or brand to a wide audience.

Social Media Assets

We design engaging content for all your platforms, helping you build value with your target audience.

Product Mockups

We show you what your product or materials will look like in context, before going to production.

Video Editing

We create effective advertisements and explainers, expertly edited with striking motion graphics.


We encourage your prospective customers to take action through clear and compelling writing.

Print Assets

We create memorable business cards, brochures, signage, and more. Our design experts can achieve the quality and look you've imagined.

Our development approach

Modular system architecture optimizes the development process

Start strong

Our systems start with a robust foundation, and grow through the implementation of custom made modules that add new functionality.

Modular design

Our expert tested modules are fine tuned over numerous projects, reducing costs and reaching launch faster than our competitors.

Customization opportunities

We give you the opportunity to implement custom features, helping you reach business goals and support user-needs.

Future-proof your product

Our approach future-proofs your product, and allows Tandem or any other development team to continue building your software.

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Tandem's guidance and the caliber of their team's deliverables are definitely best-in-class.

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Managing Director, Liquid Software

They handled all of the technical complexity so we could focus on growing the business and revenue. A fantastic team!

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