Rebuilding an Existing Solution

Apps Canada

Apps Canada needed to rebuild a complex mobile app content management system that had grown unreliable and was becoming increasingly expensive to support.

Canada's Best Apps Case Study Phone
Canada's Best Apps Case Study Phone
Canada's Best Apps Case Study Phone


Content management system serving a series of hotel and tourism based mobile apps


Legacy web application with robust mobile API

Team Composition

3 Developers
1 Designer
1 Project Lead

Budget and Timeline

7 Months

John Barber, President

A Fantastic Team!

They handled all of the technical complexity so we could focus on growing the business and revenue.

Feature 01

Dynamic Content

Update mobile app content in the CMS without the need for resubmission to the Google Play and Apple App store.

Feature 02

Image Editing

Uploading and storage of high quality images with the ability to crop and resize them directly from the browser.

Feature 03

User Metrics

Anonymous reporting on the most viewed content and highest usage features to focus ongoing development and content creation.

Feature 04

Intuitive Design

Intuitive system navigation combined with professionally designed interfaces to create a pleasant and streamlined user experience.

feature 05

Scalable API

Mobile app API with push notification, image, secure login, and versioning all built to exceed industry standards.

Feature 06

Zero Downtime

Production roll out and updates completed with no downtime for mobile app users and no CMS retraining required.

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