Developing an integrated mobile app

Green Analytics

Green Analytics needed to develop a product that combined a user friendly mobile app with a web reporting dashboard to monitor facility environmental health and safety.

Green Analytics Case Study Laptop
Green Analytics Case Study Phone


Enterprise diagnostic platform for the anonymous screening of facility employees.


Centralized web application with integrated iOS and Android mobile apps

Team Composition

5 Developers
2 Designers
1 Project Lead

Budget and Timeline

12 Months

amy taylor, ceo

Business and Development Experts

They're more than just expert programmers, they worked to understand our needs and guided us through developing the solution.

Feature 01

Virtual Health Badge

iOS and Android phone apps to enable employees to track and display test results, health surveys, and certifications.

Feature 02

Reports Dashboard

Secure browser access to anonymized test and survey results that provides employers with insights into health and safety trends.

Feature 03

Survey Module

Mobile and web based survey features for government mandated screening of individuals entering a facility or location.

Feature 04

Data Export

User customizable reports with Microsoft Excel export to address external and regulatory reporting requirements.

Feature 05

Push Notifications

Web interface for sending instant, scheduled, and event based push notifications to mobile app users.

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